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The Aristea Hotel features:

5 traditional rooms which can host from 1 to 3 people, bathroom, warm water, TV and its own heating for those cold winter nights.

4 studios which can host from 3 to 7 people. They have double baths, a fully equipped kitchen, refrigerator, dining area and TV in every room, its own heating, its own fireplace (wood can be provided). They have huge balconies from which you can enjoy your coffee with view the beautiful slopes of psiloritis.









Each year, the last week of July, held in Crete Anogia the Iakinthia, cultural festivals that celebrate love, love and its many meanings, what the nature whisper, and the stones of the mountain.

During the events at St. Yakinthou An exhibition of traditional products from producers in the region.
All days at the events, while a small traditional cafe.

The festival "events Iakinthia Culture" has become a benchmark Mediterranean cultural exchanges.